A memory of Rupit

In the Hostal Estrella’s agro-shop you will find some of the products you may have tasted in our restaurant. A charming corner where you can buy groceries, sausages, jams and cheeses… A careful selection for our visitors to take home quality artisan products.

You can choose from a wide range of wines, cheeses, sausages , infusions, jams, preserves, beans, draft beer, etc. A perfect gift to make you or bring in some engagement.

Agro-shop Hostal Estrella

assorted can lo

30€ *shipping not included

assorted can lo

45€ *shipping not included

Treat yourself, treat your loved ones

batches of products

Do you want to take away a good memory of Rupit? Or make a special and tasteful gift? In the agro-shop of the Hostal Estrella we prepare lots of seasonal and fresh products. To find out what each one contains or to place an order online, please contact us, we will be happy to tell you!

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